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Cookie policy

The policy explains what cookies are, how we use it, and how to turn them off.

1. How we use cookies

We use a combination of proprietary and third-party cookie cookies to enhance your experience so that our website works effectively. First, we use cookies:

Remember that you have been looking for so you can quickly and easily return to the previous item, please read the article; Please remember that you buy the goods in the basket; remember that you have been looking for so you can quickly and easily return to the previous item, Improve your shopping experience.

2. What is cookies?

Cookies are stored in small browser files, such as a computer, tablet, or cell phone. Cookies do not store your personal information, such as credit card information, your name or date of birth.

We use 3 what kind of cookies?

Our site uses session cookies and persistent cookies. You take the action log immediately from the site session cookie until you log off. Canceled after the session cookie is deleted. Cookies are not permanently deleted after each meeting.

Cookies are absolutely essential to our website and it is very important that if they are disabled, the experience of your website may be interrupted and you may not be able to use the shopping cart or payment.

Performance cookies gather anonymous data about the visitor. We use this data to improve our future and to identify issues that our users may encounter.

Features and appearance of biscuits Customize our website to see. For example, the next time you access a functional cookie you will remember your username and language.

Advertising Cookie Targeting or Transferring It is the right ad for your web campaign. For cookies to track clicks and our site, you can share your clicks with detailed information about other organizations or some advertisers. The cookie can also help us measure the effectiveness of the activity.

Third Party Cookies Approve the use of this website service to organize our website.

4. What happens if I close the cookie?

If cookies are disabled or deleted, you can not make a purchase or an important part of our site's visit. For more information on how to change the settings of Web browsers, including cookies, the explanation for disabling cookies can be found online widely.

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